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We believe passionately that every ridden horse is entitled to be comfortable and happy in its saddle, and that a well designed and sympathetically fitted saddle should be available to every horse and rider.Lavinia's signature


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Welcome to the website of LM Saddles

LM Saddles evolved through extensive research gained in remedial saddle fitting.

An understanding of the bio-mechanics of horses and how a healthy equine body should be when muscles are correctly developed and not atrophied

Our goal is to assist you in helping your horse find comfort and freedom of movement through fitting well designed ‘horse friendly’ saddles in a sympathetic way

LM Approved Consultants, and appointments

Each Consultant has undertaken comprehensive training with Lavinia. This includes attending courses in Equine Biomechanics, anatomy and spinal dissection. Each has a keen interest in the horses well-being and will take a holistic overview of the whole horse when assessing any saddle related issues.

They share the ideals and passion that LM Saddles are known for and between them have access to an extensive pool of knowledge. This includes Equine Behaviour. Classical training for horse and rider. Rehabilitation programmes. Natural horsemanship training for horse and rider. Barefoot Hoof Care. Equine Nutrition. Equine Bowen Therapy and Equine Science.

They are happy to arrange a private or group consultations, and will work closely with you and your horse offering support and advice.  Consultation Form

For an LM Approved Consultant in your area go to: LM Approved Consultants

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The development of LM Saddles

Lavinia has been a Saddle Fitting Consultant since 1992, working with horses and ponies of all shapes and sizes, breeds and disciplines. The approach to fitting (including remedial saddling), together with the saddle designs that LM Saddle Consultants use, help horses acquire and keep good healthy muscle development. This in turn benefits their general comfort, well-being, and performance.Over the years Lavinia personal interests with her horses have changed from competing at Endurance Riding, to Equine Behaviour and psychology, Classical Riding and training, along with what is generally known as ‘Natural Horsemanship; though she prefers to think of it just as good ‘Horsemanship’ skills. She has a keen interest in all aspects of riding, training and welfare of the horse, both physical, mental and emotional. This is shared by all LM Approved Consultants that Lavinia works closely with.

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